3 Key Elements of a Farmhouse Kitchen

Farmhouse kitchens have grown in popularity and are a sought-after choice among homeowners today. When I think of modern farmhouse kitchens, a few key elements come to mind. Read on to learn about three important elements to have in your kitchen to give it that updated farmhouse aesthetic.

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Apron Sink

Apron front sinks are a staple in farmhouse kitchens. This type of sink is deep and has an exposed front-facing side.These sinks are large which makes it easier to wash bigger items like pots, pans and baking sheets. An apron sink pairs well with bright white countertops and a light colored tile backsplash that you would see in many current modern farmhouses.

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Wood Accents

Farmhouse homes have a very cozy and warm look to them. Wood accents help you feel like you’re bringing elements of the outside indoors. Many homeowners will opt for open wood shelving, wood beams and wood dining tables and chairs. Wood accents add texture to your home and pair wonderfully with white or cream colored walls while adding a rustic feel to the space.

Pendant Lights

Lighting is very important in any home, because it can help create a focal point. For example, lighting over a kitchen island can help make that area the center of attention. My favorite pendant lighting in a farmhouse home is rustic lantern wood pendant lights and cage chandelier lighting. These two styles will shine in your farmhouse kitchen.

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These three elements should give you a good starting point to giving your kitchen a farmhouse style. Don’t forget to add in vintage pieces to display on open shelves such as clocks, wire baskets, metal pots and pans, wood cutting boards and a few succulents for greenery. These little additional touches will help feel like you brought the outside farm life inside. Let us know what you’d include in your farmhouse dream home!