3 Ways to Add Green Into Your Kitchen

This month is all about green! Green is making a big comeback in many households. The kitchen is the perfect spot to incorporate green into your home. Subtle pops of green plants, chairs and cabinets can create a serene environment. Green is a calming, relaxing color that represents nature and can make your home feel peaceful. Here are a few ways to add green into your kitchen this year.

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Plants are a wonderful way to refresh your space and add a pop of color to your kitchen. Not only do they look pretty, but they also improve air quality, can help reduce stress and improve your mood. Some of the best indoor plant options are air plants, spider plants, boston ferns, banana plants, haworthia and african violets. All of the plants mentioned are also non toxic to your cats and dogs.


You can achieve the perfect green just by changing out your chairs in your kitchen to emerald or sage green colored chairs. Emerald green and sage green are both popular tones this year. Emerald green is a little more bold and symbolizes refinement, nature and new beginnings. Sage green is softer and is associated with wisdom, intelligence and growth. The velvet emerald green dining chairs shown in the photo add a rich, luxurious look to the dining area while the light green plants brighten up the room.

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Painting your lower cabinets a sage green color draws your eye to them without feeling overwhelmed by a lot of green in your kitchen. You can pair the lower cabinets with fresh white countertops and wood floating shelves to create a warm, natural and inviting kitchen. Sage green is a friendly tone that isn’t too bold and plays well with other colors. Gold hardware and faucets pair well with sage green.

Green is a very versatile color that can be dressed up or down depending on how you incorporate it into your kitchen. You can go bold with emerald green, or soften up your space with sage green. Either way, you can’t go wrong by adding green plants, chairs or cabinets into your kitchen. A little bit of green goes a long way and its timeless presence is here to stay.