Aviston IL Boy Scout Troop Visits K&D Countertops

K&D Countertops Co-owner Troy Kapp invited the Aviston Boy Scouts to tour the grounds of K&D. The company was happy to extend a warm welcome to the Aviston, IL Boy Scout troop for visiting K&D Countertops. K&D Countertops has seven showroom locations across Illinois and Missouri. The boys visited the main office in Trenton IL. Each child randomly drew a position and played that role for the night (President, Accounting, Installation, Purchasing, Engineering, Commercial, Customer Service, Sales, Production).

The boys also toured the warehouse which is also located to the right of the Trenton office building. The Boy Scout troop had fun viewing at all the equipment and full size slabs. They got a glimpse into where the slabs are fabricated and uniquely cut to fit the shape of each homeowner’s countertop. They also got to take a look at all of the big machinery that is used to lift and cut the Cambria quartz slabs within the warehouse.

There were a lot of things to see throughout the tour. The Aviston Boy Scouts also got to take a tour of the “remnants graveyard” located in the warehouse on the left hand side of the building. The “remnants graveyard” is where all of the leftover Cambria quartz countertops pieces are kept. The extra pieces are available for purchase on K&D Countertops’s website. You can view all of the current remnants here: http://go.kdtops.com:86/Remnants/default.aspx. The boys were excited to take it all in and enjoy the experience.

Troy said that the scouts’ favorite part was when they got to climb up on the fork lift. What a fun evening! Thank you to the Aviston, IL Boy Scout troop for visiting K&D Countertops. Thank you to all the Aviston Boyscouts for all that you do for our community!