Benefits of Having a Kitchen Island​

A kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home. It is a centerpiece for gathering together and conversing over delicious meals. Kitchens come in different shapes and sizes. Even if you have a dining table in your kitchen, you may wonder about adding a kitchen island to your space. Kitchen islands are useful for a variety of reasons, but they are often customized to hold additional storage. Islands can also be a place for guests to gather and can be a wonderful area to seat guests comfortably. Kitchen islands also add value to a home and create a focal point within a space. It is one of the first things that people notice when walking into your kitchen. You can seasonally decorate your island to draw more attention to this fun and useful space. If you’re on the fence about purchasing an island, take a look at a couple of benefits that we think will help you decide.

Additional Storage Space

Kitchen islands are very useful for holding additional items you might otherwise have laying around your kitchen. We often have a toaster, knife rack, coffee maker and other appliances taking up room along our countertops. A nook within a kitchen island is the perfect spot for storing these items. You can make your nook deep to hold larger pots and pans as well. Cookbooks, utensils, cups, napkins, plates and much more can be stored in your island. It is a great way to organize your space to make meals easier to prepare and serve.


Casual Seating

Islands can provide a lot of extra seating for your guests and can give you an opportunity to be part of the party while you cook. For daily family dinners, islands create an easy space to gather to share food and the details of the day. Kitchen islands are a wonderful place to sit back and relax and enjoy a snack. Food prep and serving are not the only uses for an island. The additional space yields plenty of room for larger board games, scrapbooking, homework, and many other activities.

A Focal Point

When you walk into a kitchen, the island is most likely the first thing you notice. It may be decorated for the current season, have a vase of beautiful fresh flowers or maybe draped with a table runner. The island is the centerpiece of the entire kitchen. Many homeowners match the island decor with the rest of the kitchen to look cozy, warm and welcoming. Others treat the island like a furniture piece and accent it with a different cabinet or countertop. In addition to being useful, spacious, and beautiful, islands can add value to a home and make the kitchen stand out.


Kitchen islands are an asset that can really make a big difference in the way you use your kitchen. They are functional, convenient for holding storage, and a beautiful piece that stands out in your space. K&D Countertops would love to fabricate and install a top for your new island. If you are ready to take that next step, take a look at all of the Cambria quartz designs we offer: We are sure you’ll find a design you love! Even if you’re not looking for an island, we’d be happy to help you remodel your existing countertops to give your kitchen a fresh update.