Cambria Introduces 20 New Designs

On Tuesday, January 21st at the KBIS (Kitchen & Bath Industry Show) event in Las Vegas, Nevada, Cambria had a big surprise for the attendees. At the event, Cambria showcased 20 new designs to celebrate their 20 years in business. Cambria states, “To celebrate our 20th anniversary, we’re calling on two decades of inspiration and innovation to bring you something truly spectacular.” Check out all of the new designs below.


Portrush features an elegant porcelain base crisscrossed with bold navy, gray, and black veins accompanied by finespun filaments and gleaming gold flakes.


Quiet and dignified, Sutherland offers a soft alabaster foundation crossed with dark and light gray veins and capillaries that braid and flow across this tranquil design.


Offering classic elegance, Gladstone features a soft, misty gray background that hosts slender, prominent veins that cross over fine gray webs and lacy lattices. Gray shadows and dapples that flow beneath the surface add dimension to complete the look.

Brittanicca Block

Brittanicca Block features Brittanicca™, one of Cambria’s signature designs, laid in parallel lanes with unique veining, patterns, and tonality set against a milky white background.


Like winter fields separated by fences, Archdale is a quiet white with thin straight and bent veins that connect to form abstract sections with subtle, fine-grain capillaries.


The dark and dramatic charcoal gray surface of Charlestown is imprinted with meandering gray and white veining above faint black currents that ripple below the surface.


Graceful and flowing, Clovelly displays a creamy background with copper and brown swooping veins and white, lightning-like veins that rise and fall across a surface interspersed with delicately latticed threads and black accents.


Refined Smithfield is a specter of soft white with a hint of warmth and faint veins just under the surface of this dignified design.


Malvern offers a delicate warm vanilla palette with small white splashes and ghosted gray accents that seem to float just beneath the surface to add depth and intrigue to this peaceful design.


Offering timeless allure, Colton is warm and creamy with rusty brownish-gray inscriptions and small white patches.


Hawksmoore offers a cream palette crossed with slightly blurred, dark taupe striations that flow together side by side, accented by rusty capillaries and delicate veins.


Dark and dramatic with prominent medium gray tones, Windrush is streaked with slate-gray streams that flow and mingle with occasional white dabs in this fascinating design.

St. Giles

Bold and expressive with prominent medium gray tones, St. Giles is accented with contrasting slate-gray and white veins that course across this elegant design. Faint gray veins under the surface add extra dimension and depth.


Whitby is an elegant study of muted contrasts featuring a light crème brûlée background gently marbled with ever-so-subtle gray shapes and lines that give this intriguing design depth and character.


Harrogate offers a pale creamy base accentuated with black and dark greige veins, dark clusters, and delicate gray filaments that form geometric sections.


Queensbury features a light gray background that sets the stage for prominent, darker streams that flow apart and reconnect amidst delicate gray tributaries. Sparkling, jewel-like crystals add an extra touch of intrigue.


Bridport is light gray with subtle cream undertones and abundant gray threads and strands that flow and intersect across the surface of this majestic design.


Bold yet never overbearing, Buxton depicts an industrial, grainy concrete foundation intermixed with gray and cream daubs and a constellation of white speckles.


Sedate and reflective, Bradwell features a backdrop of medium gray tones with delicate, dark gray strands and clusters that invite closer scrutiny.


Woodcroft is bold and black with sparkling golden lightning strikes and paler metallic streaks that drizzle like rain against a window pane.

What do you think of all 20 new designs? Which one caught your eye? We can’t wait to see these new quartz designs proudly displayed in homes and businesses across the nation.