Summer Countertop Designs

Summer is my favorite time of the year. I would happily bask in the warm sun year round if I didn’t live in the Midwest. There are so many activities to enjoy during summer: swimming in a pool, planting flowers, going for bike rides, fishing, four wheeling and all of the other summer activities. You can bring the season indoors by decorating your home with flowers and pops of color from throws and pillows to welcome this new season. If you’re thinking about remodeling your kitchen during this time, I have a few fresh and playful summer countertop designs that I think will look beautiful this season and year round.

Summerhill & Swanbridge Designs

These two countertop designs are personally my two favorite picks out of all of the Cambria countertop designs we offer. I think neutral countertops look so fresh and match any cabinets, wall colors or lighting fixtures perfectly. The thing I love about both of these is that they’re both neutral toned with a little something extra in them.

Summerhill is described as a neutral top with cream backdrop with a soft gray color and flecks of black. If you look closely you’ll notice that Summerhill has the most beautiful shimmer moving throughout its surface. The colors are subtle but it still makes a statement with its pattern and sparkles.

Swanbridge is described as a marble background with wisps of gray and charcoal. I’ve taken photos of both of these tops and they really do look great in any kitchen. They’re versatile and on trend with all the white kitchen countertops we’ve been seeing on Pinterest and Instagram. All of the neutral colors intertwined together really make these tops stand out and give them their own personality.

Newport & Carrick Designs

If you’re looking for two solid color choices with no other colors, bold veining or shimmer mixed in, we’ve got you covered. Newport and Carrick are two different slab colors that cut straight to the point. If you’re looking for an all white or all gray top, these two have you covered.

Newport is a clean top with very subtle white veins. It is a great all white top if you’re looking for that all-white kitchen that is so popular right now. This top really brightens up a room without any crazy bold colors or intricate patterns.

Carrick is the pure gray color that you’ve been looking for. If you want a neutral tone top but don’t want to choose white, Carrick is a great option. Carrick has soft wisps of a slightly darker gray color moving along from edge to edge. It’s a quiet stillness that adds a soft layer of depth while still keeping the overall tone stone gray.

Ella & Portrush Designs

If you’re looking for some movement in a countertop, check out these two tops. They both feature veins moving throughout the designs. If you want to add multi-colored, statement countertops to your kitchen or bath, these playful designs are sure to stand out.

Ella is a lattice of gray lines and intersections within a marble-dove gray background. This is another classic top that is a customer favorite as well. Ella’s marble-like appearance brings about simplicity and sophistication. It’s a peaceful, versatile design that looks great with everything.

Portrush displays an elegant porcelain base crisscrossed with bold navy, gray and black veins and flecks of gold. The pop of blue would look beautiful in a beach themed home or against a blue accent wall that brings out that color.

Brittanicca & Colton Designs

Our customers have been loving these two summer countertop designs. These countertop designs seem to be the ones that our homeowners gravitate to when they see them in our showrooms. In terms of overall color and pattern, they both bring a different style to the table.

Brittanicca is another customer favorite and has several variations due to its popularity. We currently offer Brittanicca, Brittanicca Warm, Brittanicca Gold, and Brittanicca Block. Brittanicca displays warm translucent gray veins that stream across a white backdrop. The veins are big and bold, and will be the first thing you notice when entering the kitchen.

Colton is one of our newest designs and customers in our showrooms can’t get enough of it. Colton is warm and creamy with rusty brownish-gray inscriptions and small white patches. It’s another summer design that is warm and neutral toned and is guaranteed to look great in your space.

In closing, you really can’t go wrong with choosing any of these summer countertop designs. They are easy to mix and match with different interior styles ranging from traditional to coastal to rustic to contemporary and many more. To view these tops and others in action, hop on over to our Instagram and Facebook pages where you can find installations that our K&D team has fabricated and installed.

Stop by our showrooms today (no appointment necessary) and come pick out your dream kitchen or bathroom summer countertop designs in person!