Countertop Inspiration Look Book

K&D Countertops has fabricated and installed a lot of beautiful quartz tops over the past 20+ years in business. Cambria currently offers over 150 designs for homeowners to choose from. That’s a lot of colors and patterns! If you’re looking for countertop inspiration check out our installs below! We’re excited to spotlight a few of our favorites.

Queen Anne Matte

Queen Anne’s velvety gray-marbled background provides a calm canvas for elegant white streams that billow with stunning movement and depth as sails in the wind.

This design is a great choice because of it’s neutral tones. I love the light gray color that comes to life when paired with the bright white veins that sweep across it. The gray and white duo makes this top blend well into any space.


Montgomery is a refined study of whites, ivories, and creams coalescing with subtle, understated veins of seafoam green and a light dusting of pearlescent sparkle.

This countertop is a luxurious design that is sure to sparkle and shine in your kitchen. Its posh design looks beautiful when accent with the gold sink and drawer handles in this photo. 


Taking its cue from the linear configuration of buildings in the village of Ellastone, Ella features a lattice of lines and intersections embedded in a marbled dove-gray background.

Ella is a beautiful classic white countertop with soft, subtle thin veins that run along the design. This bathroom reminds me of a peaceful serenity with its soothing gray walls and fresh greenery.


Rich and opulent, Helmsley recalls the past glory of feasts and pageants held in the unyielding medieval castle firmly rooted in the market town of its name in North Yorkshire.

Helmsley is a unique design that shows off swirls of blue, brown and taupe. These colors mix well with warm wood walls and cabinets to create a cozy kitchen environment.


Elegant and flowing, Clareanne features a soft-gray background with end-to-end linear white threads that weave a lasting tribute to the village from which it takes its name.

This calming design is a wonderful choice for those looking for a gray countertop with a little extra detail. The thin white veins add a pop of contrast across the marbled gray surface.


Deep and mysterious like the waters off a rocky coast, Galloway lures furtive glances. It is a mix of sea, sand and time and shines like a luminescent pearl inside a rough and blackened oyster shell.

Galloway is a statement design that stands apart from the rest. The eye is immediately drawn to the thick bold veining that easily makes this top the centerpiece of your kitchen.

Brittanicca Warm

Warm translucent grey veins stream across a temperate white backdrop like venerable old rivers flowing into a fog-bound harbor.

Brittanicca Warm is an extension of one of our most popular countertops, Brittanicca. This peaceful design adds softness and warmth to create a cozy kitchen space.


A marbled background with grays and pinpoints of charcoal summon up images of the stony beach along Sully Island where pirates walked within sight of the Welsh hamlet of Swanbridge in the Vale of Glamorgan.

Swanbridge is another one of our popular designs. It playfully shows off beautiful swirls of creams and grays creating a whimsical look across the quartz design.


Flecks of gold, cream and blue glisten across a shroud of black, much like this village that sits atop Scotland’s picturesque Clyde Valley, where two rivers converge below. Blackwood is a dramatic, yet classically neutral.


Cloudlike with pillows of white, Summerhill mixes several shades of white with large veins of white crystals, silver sparkle, and a light dusting of black throughout.

Each one of these installs uniquely stands apart from the next. These tops showcased a variety of designs that feature veining, swirls, and light and dark colors that intermingle with each other. If you’d like to take a look at more of our installs for countertop inspiration, check out our Instagram page @kdtops. We hope you leave this blog post feeling inspired to take on your next remodeling project!