Countertop Trends In 2018

Throughout the years, kitchen countertops have gone through many changes. From the bright and bold mix and match designs to warm and neutral tones, countertop styles are ever changing. Here at K&D Countertops, we have over 150 designs for every homeowner to choose from. 2018 brings forth many new countertop trends. Kitchens are now being made with less upper cabinetry, and more open windows surrounded by warm hues. Homeowners are opting for a more open kitchen by eliminating unnecessary cabinets and drawers. Along with these new changes comes new countertop designs. This year we are seeing more calming and neutral colors and patterns that appeal to a broad range of homeowners. Here are four great countertop trends in 2018.

Neutral Tones

Homeowners have shifted away from bold red, green and blue colored countertops in favor of warmer and more welcoming neutral tones. White, gray, beige and cream colors help make a kitchen appear more vibrant, open and fresh. These calming colors make a kitchen look soft and warm. Neutral tones are a great way to keep your home looking bright and open. We recommend Cambria’s Brittanicca Warm™ for the perfect vein appearance. Brittanicca Warm™ contains a white pattern that mixes with translucent gray veining throughout the stone. This stone creates a classy look and feel for your kitchen.


In combination with the neutral countertop colors, homeowners are choosing countertops with subtle accents within their designs. Veining is a popular trend this year that allows a color to flow freely across your countertop. K&D Countertops has veining in several colors: grays, golds, blues, purples, etc. These delicate lines add a little bit of detail to a warm background, giving some personality to the homeowners countertops. Cambria’s Beaumont™ from the Coastal Collection mixes warm cream and beige swirls with gold and white veining. This creates a soft elegant and inviting effect for anyone that enters your home.

Quartz Countertops

In recent years, quartz has taken over as the leading stone used for countertops. Quartz countertops are stronger and more durable than granite, and quartz resists staining better than marble, concrete and granite. Cambria countertops are all made from quartz. Cambria countertops make cleaning up juice, coffee, wine and many other stains quick and easy. Quartz surfaces are also non-porous, meaning no harmful bacteria will stay on your countertop. You can cook with ease knowing that your food will not contaminate your new countertop. 

Edge Profiles

In addition to picking out a new countertop, you will also need to pick out an edge design. K&D Countertops offers many edge profiles for homeowners to choose from. Two edges that stand out above the rest are our Pencil Round and Ogee edges. The Pencil Round edge has a soft edge that gives a subtle curve and soft dimension to your countertop. The Ogee edge adds some major curve, flow and character to your countertop’s edge. Remember to keep these trends in mind for your upcoming projects. If you would like to see more trends and ideas, be sure to check out our Inspiration Gallery. 

Happy Remodeling! 

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