Fall Inspired Countertops and Decorations

The weather is finally cooling off after a long and hot summer. Autumn is upon us. The air is breezy and it’s time to break out the warm jeans and chunky sweaters. The new season brings new feelings of excitement and anticipation as we prepare for bonfires, pumpkin carving, scary movies and hot cocoa. There are a few countertops that come to mind that look great during fall and all year round. Take a look at some of my favorite countertops and kitchen decorations for autumn. 


The first design that comes to mind is Crowndale. Crowndale combines warm creams and beiges together with hints of deeper tones to create a well-blended statement piece in your kitchen. This countertop looks as though it has hints of gold in it, which mixes perfectly with the oranges, yellows and browns we decorate with this time of year.


I am also fond of Devon. Devon is a medium-toned brown that is described as a simple, neutral color with a touch of gray and black mixed in creating a very subtle, textured look. If you want a subdued top that will coordinate with most kitchens, this is a great option. You can spice it up by adding an orange table runner across your table, and placing scented candles and colored leaves on top of the runner. This will balance out the neutral table by adding a pop of color and seasonal interest to your kitchen table or island.


My favorite option is Windermere. This design combines shades of gray and cream together with flecks of golden copper that resembles the season’s spices. It’s subtle, yet intriguing with warm flakes moving across its surface. Windermere would look gorgeous on any surface in your kitchen. This is a beautiful warm-toned top that is sure to make your home stylish and cozy all year long. Visit our designs page to view more of our stunning countertops.


Hollinsbrook is a bold design that blends black, chestnut, gray and white together into a statement piece that’s perfect in your kitchen or bathroom. These colors remind me of pumpkins, hot chocolate and a dark night. This design is great year round if you want to make a statement in your home. Additionally, you can make Hollinsbrook the centerpiece of your kitchen by pairing it with white walls and cabinets.


Now that we have picked out our base, it’s time to embrace the new season by adding decorations! The pieces that come to my mind this time of year are mini pumpkins, autumn colored leaves, and big candles nestled inside lanterns. In addition to these, I also think of satin ribbons tied around mason jars filled with acorns and pine cones. Hues of red, orange, yellow and brown table cloths, plates and napkins also come to mind during this season.

There are many different ways to style your kitchen table for the fall with warm color. You could pair bright white Crowndale with champagne and gold colors, Devon with bold oranges and rustic browns, and Windermere with coppers and spicy reds. Take a look at this photo gallery to see how many other creative people have styled their kitchens.

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