Fall Inspired Kitchens

It’s hard to believe, but the year is almost over. 2019 is wrapping up, and the fall season has begun. It’s finally time to put the pool noodles and floaties away, and set the haystacks and mums out in the front yard. Fall is my favorite season. I get so excited just thinking about decorating my home with pumpkins, wreaths, and autumn sayings. I love the rustic leaves, crispness of the air, and unboxing those oversized sweaters and cozy fleece throws. There’s just something about the seasons changing that puts me in the best mood. I also love curling up on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate, and looking at fall inspired kitchens to figure out how I want to decorate.

I’ve always thought that decorating a house made it look more cozy and inviting. I love to decorate any room, but the kitchen is one of my favorite rooms to transform. I’ve scoured the internet, from Pinterest to many stylish home decor websites, and want to share with you a few of my favorite fall inspired kitchens. Hopefully, you’ll find some inspiration about how you’d like to decorate for fall this year. I know these pictures have gotten me motivated to start decorating early this year! Let’s take a look at a few designs to put us in the autumn mood.

Rustic Dining Table

This is one of my favorite fall inspired kitchens! The light wooden table stands out the most to me in the photo on the left. This gorgeous wood dining table matches the fall color scheme perfectly. The rose gold plated forks, spoons and knives blend in with the table and the mini succulent pots. These warm tones are what come to mind when I think of autumn. To top off this look, the designers have picked the perfect centerpiece. The centerpiece looks like it brought the outdoors inside, through the colored pumpkins and greenery placed around them. This picture leads your eye from the centerpiece down to the rustic ladder and the end of the table. The gray and white draped towel blends in with the neutral colors from the wall, dresser, plates and napkins. The rose gold, wood, grays and whites play off of one another to create the perfect balance of fall colors.

The food spread on the right would be another great centerpiece to set in the middle of your table. Cinnamon sticks, caramel apples, warm pies and anything with pumpkin in it will be a big hit right now. The bouquet featuring the sunflower among other pretty flowers is another great example of sprucing up your home with some beautiful floral arrangements. For the fall you could also replace these flowers with wheat, pink tulips, red alstroemeria, purple monte casino asters and green poms. Your friends and family will love this setup, decorations and the delicious food!

Elegant Placement Setting

I am obsessed with this white kitchen! It’s bright, with simple decorations that create a festive look. The designers took their creativity to the next level by placing a small wreath above the microwave. The wreath hanging up so high is the first piece to grab my attention. What a neat idea! I also like how the designers decided to keep their island decor minimal, but still incorporated a few fun pieces on top. They took a white pitcher and tucked orange and yellow flowers into it. They also found a complementary white spotted bowl and filled that with pine cones and pumpkins. Bowls are great because you can put so many different items in them like leaves, acorns and gourds. To the right of the oven you’ll see a block with pumpkins and text on it. These decorative blocks are easy to pick up and place anywhere. Clear jars also come in handy because they can be used to hold items like the pumpkins in the photo. 

The picture on the right shows an elegant fall table setting. The red and yellow napkin matches the decorative brown table runner. These spicy, warm colors match the table nicely. Clear glasses and sparkly gold candle holders, leaves and bottles set the scene for a luxurious and glam table setting. The orange pumpkins placed on a glass stand tie the look together. If you’re looking for a stylish autumn table setting, this picture is for you!

Pumpkins Galore

Fall inspired kitchens aren’t just about what’s sitting on your table, there’s so many other places to decorate! Take a look this dark wood dresser with light wood shelves above it. On top of the dresser there is a variety of textures that mix and match each other. The wooden caddy carries small dark bottles that pop against the orange plates. This caddy could be used to display small white and orange pumpkins, candles or flowers. The solid orange plates paired with the large plaid plates make the perfect accent duo. The texture from the tin tray ties all of the designs and finishes into one cohesive piece. The pop of white from the pumpkin bowl and the beige enclosure around the striped pumpkin balance both sides of this display. It’s important to pay attention to the details, and they haven’t been left out in this space. The lamp, extra orange and plaid plates, wreath, bottles, pitcher and wired basket all match nicely with the dark dresser.  

The cupboard on the right shows off a few cooler autumn tones. A cinnamon broom would also look nice sitting next to the cupboard. I really like the jack-o-lantern jars. This would be a great space for mugs that feature witches, pumpkins, ghosts and fall quotes! The tray filled with fall goodies paired with the variety of pumpkin sizes makes this such a cute, alluring nook. The decorative pillow and plaid blanket spruce up the chair. These photos show how decorating can work for many different color schemes. 

Farmhouse Harvest

These final photos show how well black, white and brown intertwine to create a farmhouse styled home. When I saw these photos, the words “rustic”, “pleasant” and “homey” came to mind. This home displayed just a touch of decorations, but it made such a big difference in the kitchen. The photo on the left shows the season in a unique way. The white accessories look great paired against the black countertop. The rigged tray that holds the pitchers and pumpkin is very unique. The shape and color set it apart from the rest of the decor. The bundles of wheat also tell a story of what season this home is in. These muted tones mend together to create this soft kitchen style. 

The worn two tier stand on the right could also be placed inside a kitchen with black, white and gray accent colors. The “W” letter block stands out as the main focal point. The letter block could be switched out for another block with a fall saying written on it. These types of trays are wonderful for displaying anything from the objects shown here to coffee mugs, fruit, desserts and succulents. One way you could add some color would be to place a plaid cloth in the center of each tier. This should give your stand a pop of color if you’re looking to brighten up your space. You could also add a few lanterns with candles in them around your kitchen table or by the sink. In this space, a bowl of Indian corn would brighten up the kitchen and pair well with the bundles of wheat. Cool toned kitchens are very popular, but if you want some color it’s easy to incorporate an item or two to switch up your fall inspired kitchen.

Countertops For Every Season

The centerpiece of any kitchen is the table. A table or island is the meeting and eating place for our loved ones. If you’re looking for a countertop, a few of my favorites are Cambria Swanbridge, Ella, Blackwood, Blackpool Matte, Berwyn and Aberdeen. These designs vary from each other, and each one offers a different look and feel than the next. Each design is sure to transform your kitchen. These tops are non-porous and require no sealing. We offer Matte, Glossy and Marble like designs so you’re sure to find a wonderful top with a stunning finish. 

We all know that kitchens become messy quickly, but cleanup is easy with these tops. Simply clean your quartz countertop with soap and water, and you’re good to go! Feel free to stop by one of our seven showrooms (four locations in Missouri and three locations in Illinois) to see these gorgeous slabs in person. We also offer samples to take home. For more fall inspired kitchens, check out this post from last fall entitled “Fall Inspired Countertops and Decorations“. I hope everyone has a blessed and bountiful fall! Have fun decorating this year!