Frequently Asked Questions

Is this your first experience buying or designing countertops for your home? Let us walk you through the process and explain why K&D Countertops is the best choice for custom countertops in the St. Louis area.

Quartz is a natural stone and is mined from the earth like diamonds. Cambria Quartz uses various sized stones of the purest, whitest quartz with some as small as a grain of sand. These small stones are mixed with 7% pigments and resin and compressed, much like how the Earth compresses granite, to form a strong, dense, non-porous slab.

The main difference in the many quartz brands on the market today is the quality of materials used.  Cambria uses only the highest quality quartz and manufactures its designs at a state-of-the-art facility in the United States which gives Cambria a color palette with more depth and clarity than other quartz lines.

A benefit of choosing quartz is that the hand selection of material is usually not necessary.  K&D will provide you a color photo layout of your project before fabrication begins.

We want you to stop in when it is convenient for you. We are open late on Mondays and open on Saturdays to accommodate people with busy schedules.  

Our What to Expect At The Showroom has suggestions to help you prepare for your visit. 

Please bring your measurements so our designers can prepare a quote for you. It is also helpful to bring a sample of a cabinet door, floor tile, paint colors, etc. to help select the perfect color for your project.  Product samples can also be checked out and brought home for your convenience. 

Our What To Expect At The Showroom checklist has suggestions to help guide you.

A simple drawing or cabinet layout with measurements is all we need to provide you with an initial quote. Our How to Get a Quote Worksheet on our website shows an example of a simple drawing with measurements. Once an order is placed with a 50% deposit, an appointment is made for the template measure.

Our field technician will come to your home to measure for your new countertops.  These measurements are then sent to our engineering department where they are double checked and programmed for fabrication.  Since we use a digital laser to measure it is not necessary to remove your existing countertops.

Our What To Expect At Measure checklist will help you prepare for your measure appointment.

No, our laser technology allows the existing countertops to remain in place for the template. We just ask that you clear items from the countertops to allow the laser to get precise measurements.

You will need to make sure that any areas that are being measured are permanently installed and ready, this includes cabinets, all panels, sills, etc.  If you have existing tops in place, please clear all items off of the tops.  We ask that you have small children away from the template area and have your pets closed off in a separate room. Since the measurements are done via a laser, it is important that the equipment is not moved to ensure precise measurements. It is best for you to be at the appointment in case the field tech has any questions.

Our What To Expect At Measure checklist can help you prepare for your measure appointment.

We strive for the shortest lead times possible. Our lead times fluctuate due to volume. The holiday season and spring are typically busier and could have a little longer lead time. Please ask your showroom consultant for our current lead times.

Certain granite selections fall into a “fragile” category. We have very high expectations for the materials we produce and insist on providing the highest quality products possible. Fragile granite has its limitations and requires us to repair chips, cracks, fissures, etc. This is typical with these types of granite and cannot be avoided. The waiver is a way for us to be sure you are fully aware of the characteristics of the product you are selecting so you can be comfortable in making an informed decision.

For larger projects like kitchens, whole slabs are necessary to provide color and pattern consistency, especially when seams are involved. Remnants are usually best used for smaller projects like bath vanity tops.

A good rule of thumb is that ⅓ of the width of the countertop can be unsupported with a maximum unsupported overhang of 15” for quartz and 12” for granite tops.  Please refer to our Countertop Support Guidelinesfor more information.

Most kitchens will have a seam due to material and handling limitations.  Our engineering department works very hard to line up veining and movement within the material you have chosen.  K&D Countertops will provide a countertop layout prior to making your countertop so you can see where seams will be located.  We use the most up-to-date tools and techniques to achieve the best seams in the industry.  We recommend viewing a sample at one of our showrooms

Most quartz and granite countertops are 3cm which is about 1 ¼”.  

K&D requires a layout approval to help eliminate any miscommunication during the ordering process and to fully meet your expectations.   You will receive a photo layout of your new countertops before they are cut showing the overall look and seam placement. This allows you to address any concerns and ensure that there will be no surprises on install day.

Cabinets should be cleared out with drawers removed and placed outside the work area. All construction materials should be removed from the area. Since countertops are very heavy and may cause serious injury if dropped, please keep small children and animals away from the work area. During the installation, a substantial number of trips will be made from the kitchen to an outside work area. Please clear a path for the field technicians to use.

Our What To Expect At Installation checklist will help you prepare for your installation appointment.

Yes, we do require your lower cabinets to be completely cleared out with drawers removed so our field technicians have access to the underside of the countertops.

The number of hours required varies greatly with specifics of each project, but usually the install can be completed in one day.

Please expect a little dust. This is normal with any type of installation. However, our field technicians will clean up after themselves and leave the work area in the same condition as when they arrived. The glue used to fasten your countertops to the cabinets and join seams has a chemical odor that dissipates after a few hours.

Quartz manufacturers require installation by certified field technicians for a valid warranty.

K&D Countertops can remove and haul away your existing countertops, sink, and faucet for an additional fee .

We recommend using a hot pad or trivet under any hot pan to protect the surface of your countertop.

We do not recommend cutting directly on your countertops. Although quartz and granite countertops are extremely hard and scratch resistant, they are not scratch proof.

Quartz is the most durable countertop material available, but can be susceptible to chipping along the edges when struck by hard objects. These types of chips are usually repairable.

It is best to use soap & water for day-to-day use. If you want something stronger, Cambria has a list of approved cleaners. Please do not use any harsh chemicals or bleach.