Freshen Up Your Home for Spring

Now that spring has sprung, we can finally pack up our winter decor in lieu of pastels and poppy flowers! The warm weather gives us that extra boost of energy to focus on all of the spring remodeling projects we want to start. These spring remodeling ideas can range from smaller projects like swapping out your decor to upgrading your kitchen countertops. Here are a few projects that will inspire you to freshen up your home for spring.

Fresh Paint, Lighting & Flooring

A coat of fresh paint can really bring a room to life again and make a big difference in any room. Accent walls are still a popular trend among homeowners. Adding a bright pop of color like yellow or baby blue to one wall will really make your room stand out. Switching outdated lighting fixtures for chandeliers or pendant lights will quickly give your home an upgraded and modern look. New flooring will perfectly complement new paint and lighting while transforming your space. The combination of these three will give your old room a whole new look year round!

Kitchen Island & Countertops

The kitchen is the heart of the home. Friends and family gather and converse here day in and day out. There are a lot of updates you could make to your kitchen, but switching out your counters is one that will make a big impact. A kitchen island would also be beneficial, because it would increase your space for small appliances and prep while doubling as another area to eat at with your family. We have some beautiful quartz designs to choose from here on our website, and can provide you with a free quote as well!

Spring Decor & Landscaping

Brighten up your space by adding in a few colorful pieces into your decor! I like to keep my decor neutral all year long and add in pops of color during spring. Fresh or faux flowers and plants help brighten up a kitchen or office. Colorful throw blankets and pillows can be placed on the living room couch or a patio set to make a home feel like spring. Landscaping is a wonderful way to make the outside of your home look beautiful! Some of my favorite spring flowers are daffodils and tulips, which add pretty pops of yellow, pink and purple to the yard.

No matter how big or small your spring project is, any change is worth it to have your home look and feel beautiful. The enjoyment you have after all of your hard work is worth it. Your home is important to invest in because you spend so much time in it. Now is the perfect time to start on that project you’ve been putting off until spring. We’re here to help if you’re looking to remodel your countertops!