Halloween Kitchen Decor

It’s that spooky time of year where your home transforms into a haunted house full of ghosts, bats, potions and skeletons. Candy is sitting in a bowl, ready to be gobbled up by trick-or-treaters and family members alike. Hocus Pocus is playing on repeat in the living room. Do you get where I’m going with this? We’re talking about Halloween of course! Check out these frighteningly good ideas to get you in the spirit of decorating your kitchen. Guests, ghouls and goblins who gather round the table will feel right at home in your spooky kitchen, complete with bats, skeletons and tasty treats.

Cutting Board Decor

Cutting boards are a common kitchen accessory that are easy to decorate and display. Spider webs wrapped around the boards with spiders crawling up would make the perfect creepy decor. You could also add a few mini bats flying up the boards along with haunted houses with a tea light inside to light up the display. A mini skeleton holding a fall mug or with a witch’s hat on would also complete a cutting board display.

Photo credit: Caitlin Marie Design & Junebugspin

Kitchen Tablescape

A tablescape made up of skeletons, skulls and potions is sure to wow all guests who dine at your table. Creating a scene makes for a spooky story that stretches out across your kitchen table. Skeletons can be seated at the table doing various things like eating or creating potions. A dresser or stand in the kitchen can also be decorated with books, witches hats, quotes, candles, spiders, pumpkins, mini skeletons…the list goes on and on. Find a theme you like and go all out in your kitchen!

Photo Credit: Casey Holmes

Backsplash Bats

Bats are a quick and easy way to bring a touch of Halloween into your home. They can be positioned flying up walls or even from your kitchen backsplash up to your cabinets! Placing them at an angle gives them life and motion and really drives home the effect that they’re flying. They also come in a variety of colors and finishes such as glitter to add some sparkle for a “glam” look. This idea is sure to drive your friends “batty”!

Photo Credit: Soul & Lane

Ghost Shelves

Another way to liven up your kitchen is to add strands of candy corn, colored lights or ghosts! They’re a simple way to bring the spirit of Halloween into your kitchen. You can easily drape them across the back of a chair, kitchen island or cabinet! The light up strands really shine in the dark while adding some brightness to the kitchen if you’re grabbing a snack during movie night. Grab some ghouls and have a “frighteningly” good time decorating!

Photo Credit: Liz Marie

Whimsical Skeletons

Skeletons are a fun way of adding mischief in your kitchen. You can dress them up and position them sitting at the kitchen table or on the countertops, cooking at the stove or sitting outside your porch welcoming guests into your house of horrors. Hats and aprons along with cooking utensils and potions in hand make spooktacular accessories for your skeleton crew. Don’t forget about them if you wake up in the middle of the night, or they might cause a fright!

Photo Credit: A Blissful Nest

Have fun turning your home into a house of horrors! Whether you go the scary route or the more whimsical, light hearted approach, we hope your Halloween is spook-tacular! Make sure to watch some classic horror films and enjoy some of your favorite sweet and savory treats.

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