Home Remodel: Modern Farmhouse

Remodeling can be just what your home needs in order to give it a fresh new style. You can do a simple touch up by adding a new coat of paint and bringing textured objects into your home. You could also take on a complete renovation where you tear your room apart and start anew. Remodeling means something different to everyone. The style of your home also plays an important role in choosing how you want your home to look, and there are many different styles to pull ideas from – old world to modern, city chic to country cozy. Remodeling can be a very overwhelming process! However, with the right mindset and details in the design, it doesn’t have to be stressful. 

Today we are going to look at one of my favorite types of styles – Modern Farmhouse. Modern farmhouse combines the sleek clean lines of contemporary design with the cozy farmhouse aesthetic to create a uniquely fresh take on the country living inspired style. Modern farmhouse style is known for its warmth and simplicity, and is characterized by natural textures and materials like wood and galvanized steel. Wood and steel come together to give the home more diversity and depth.

You might think it’s odd combining different colors and textures. There was no mixing and matching appliances, objects and colors when my parents were children. However, that is not the case anymore. It has become widely popular to mix different pieces together in order to create a rustic modern farmhouse look and feel in your home. Here are a couple ways to achieve this southern comfort style.

Neutral Color Palette

The look and feel of a modern farmhouse is designed for southern comfort and coziness. It is supposed to give off a feeling of warmth, calmness and peace. You want your home to be a safe place to come into when you unwind and relax. The paint you choose for each room really does a great job of setting the tone within each color. A modern farmhouse style features soft creams, whites and grays throughout the home. A good place to find these soothing colors would be Magnolia.com. Chip and Joanna Gaines provide a plethora of colors to satisfy every homeowner. Be sure to pick light and airy colors to make your house look open and welcoming, while providing a relaxing place to take the day off.

Countertops - Skara Brae & Ironsbridge & Swanbridge Matte

A go to place for families to gather around together is the kitchen. Most of our lives are spent in the kitchen surrounded by food and family. You want your kitchen to reflect the modern farmhouse aesthetic as well. A neutral color scheme and your kitchen countertops should pair nicely together to create the quiet ambience surrounding the room. To match neutral colored walls, Cambriaprovides a wide range of stunning quartz countertops. White countertops, veining, and glossy or matte finishes are great options for this country style. 

For example, Ironsbridge and a new color – Skara Brae – are both wonderful options to gravitate toward. Ironsbridge is an intriguing design that blends liquid honey accents with patchworks of grays, whites, and cream to beautifully merge warm and cool tones in delightful harmony. Skara Brae is set against a bone-white marbled backdrop. Bold translucent olive green veins plunge in various directions of this design. Subtle white and black tributaries are interspersed throughout Skara Brae. Swanbridgeis a marbled background with grays and pinpoints of charcoal. Cambria countertops provide the perfect high quality quartz combined with strength, durability and a beautiful array of 150+ designs to choose from.

Shiplap & Wood Beams

The modern farmhouse scheme wouldn’t be complete without a little wood texture. Shiplap is a kind of wooden board that’s often used for constructing sheds, barns, and other rustic buildings. Shiplap adds in texture to a rustic or modern looking home. Likewise, this design stands apart from the rest, because of grooves in the top and bottom of the wood. These grooves create horizontal reveals between each piece. Shiplap looks beautiful in the interior and exterior of a home. You can use real shiplap or apply fake MDF dryboards to your drywall to give you home a little bit of character.

We decorate our walls, why not our ceiling? Ceiling beams provide visual interest, and friends and family would immediately do a double take and notice the rustic beams against a neutral ceiling color. Rustic and refined beams paired with shiplap creates a timeless look that fits the modern country style.

Industrial Accents

Last but not least, windows and decorations bring the whole home together. When it comes to decorating, it is very important to mix and match textures with that modern farmhouse look in mind. Mixing metal, steel, wood and wool together creates that perfect balance of modern and antique looking decorations. The different textures break up the home and add depth and variation. The balance of smooth and rough textures, edges and flat lays replace matching home sets. Examples of differing textures are flowers in a tin can, a cotton wreath against a rustic old window pane, wooden baskets, wire frames, greenery, metal pans and twined baskets. The list goes on and on.

Rustic Windows

Natural wood windows give the house a worn look, as if it has had many friends and family inside. Old windows will look beautiful on the exterior and interior of your home. Smaller window panes can be used to place on a desk or hang up on a wall. You can insert pictures in between the glass panels, or add a wreath to a hanging window pane for more shape and visual interest. Each element, from the color of the walls to the decorations, come together to create an open, soft and cozy farmhouse. Bringing in different colors, textures, patterns and shapes creates the perfect home style modern farmhouse for you and your family. It is a style that will always be popular and gives off the perfect “welcome home” atmosphere.

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