Hosting Thanksgiving on Your Countertops

The holiday season is officially here! This time of the year is the best, especially the Thanksgiving holiday. There’s nothing better than reconnecting with loved ones around a buffet of delicious home cooked food and classic desserts. Each year, my family hosts this special holiday at our house. We’ve pretty much got it down to a science of when to start prepping, cooking, and setting everything out for dinner. You can imagine that after everyone gets their fill and heads out, we have quite the mess to clean up. Here are a few recommendations on how to take care of your countertops and make clean up a little easier.

Seal or Reseal Countertops

If you have quartz countertops, you will not need to seal or wax them to protect them from spills, stains or mildew. Quartz is extremely durable and will not need this added step. If you have granite countertops, it is recommended to seal them once a year, preferably around the holiday season.


Coasters are an all around great option because of their effectiveness and visual appeal. They are wonderful for protecting against the condensation and potential stains from your glass. They also come in many different colors and styles and can add a nice decorative element to your kitchen.

Hot Pads

Hot pads, trivets and placemats all play an important role when it comes to keeping your countertops clean and safe. That barrier between your hot plates and the countertop stops your countertops from damaging heat. It also prevents spills from your pots and pans right onto your countertop.

Cutting Boards

Cutting boards are crucial to have in the kitchen at all times, but especially during Thanksgiving. Cutting boards make a great barrier between you and your knives and other sharp objects. You’ll want to have these boards handy to prevent any scratches to your countertops when carving the turkey and other food. I would also recommend purchasing a utensil rest to keep your kitchen organized and clean during cooking.

Clean Up

Make sure you clean up spills promptly if any occur while food and drinks are still out. Once the food and dishes are put away, all that is left to do is wipe off your countertops. For both quartz and granite countertops, a mild soap, warm water and microfiber towel should do the trick.

There you have it! I hope these tips help keep your countertops squeaky clean and free of bacteria. Cleaning up doesn’t have to feel like a chore. A playlist of your favorite songs in the background during clean up is a great motivator to tackle the mess. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with good company and all of your favorite foods and desserts.