How to Pair Countertops and Cabinets

Pairing countertops and cabinets can seem like a fun and exciting, yet sometimes daunting task. The best place to start is to choose the right colors and materials that mix and match well with each other. It is important to think about what kind of theme you want your kitchen remodel to follow. Are you looking for a classic white kitchen? Rich warm brown tones? Modern gray appearance? In addition to the cabinets and tops, you’ll also want to pick out appliances and flooring styles that show off your kitchen’s personal aesthetic.

When in doubt of what colors to choose, look towards the infamous color wheel. Do you want your countertops and cabinets to be complementary, analogous or neutral? There’s a lot of different combinations to choose from. Let’s take a look at some kitchen installs by our K&D team, and see how the homeowners paired their countertops and cabinets.


In this photo, rich brown drawers and cabinets add warmth to the bright white kitchen. The brown tones do a great job of keeping the kitchen neutral, while separating all of the white hues. The white Cambria Weybourne tops look light and fresh paired against the tile back splash. The white window above the sink brings outside light indoors for a soft, bright kitchen space.


This classic black and white kitchen combination is a match made in heaven. The white cabinets balance out the dark tops so there’s not too much darkness or too bright of a color in this kitchen. The small squares in the back splash perfectly compliment Cambria Blackwood as well as the knobs on the cabinet. Cambria Blackwood has hints of gold flecks, creams and blues that make this pair look elegant and chic.


Take a look at this cozy kitchen! The wood from the bar stool legs, floor, cabinets and bottom of the island help to create a cabin look and feel in this home. The copper and bronzed Cambria Berkeley top, as well as the bar stool cushions and back splash, help to break up all the wood. It looks like an inviting and warm space to come home to after a day out in the cold. Berkeley’s sandy tones blend in with the brown wood, while softly breaking up the color scheme with the light color contrast. 


One way you can add a pattern to your kitchen is through your countertop! Cambria Brittanicca is one of our customer favorites. It features thick, gray veining that flows throughout the top. It is sure to capture your attention and lead your eye straight to this island centerpiece. The light gray bar stools and cabinets pair well with the gray veining. The cabinet lights and white background in the top helps add light and brighten up this sleek and modern kitchen space. 


One way to spice up your kitchen theme is to add in a fun back splash! This kitchen features white cabinets and Cambria Swanbridge as the countertop. Swanbridge consists of a marbled gray background with hints of charcoal. This simple top pairs well with the black, gray and white horizontal backsplash pattern. The pattern keep your eyes moving around the kitchen and is a fun way to play with accent colors without going overboard.

There you have it! Hopefully these different kitchen designs gave you some inspiration as to what you can create for your own kitchen! Pairing countertops and cabinets will change the whole vibe of your kitchen. What kind of look do you want to create in your space?

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Have a great time remodeling your space and most importantly, be creative!