How to Raise your Countertops

Replacing your Countertops

Remodeling is a wonderful and, sometimes, daunting task. There can be frustration, yet a wonderful sense of accomplishment when the project is completed. If you are a homeowner, you may have run into a problem trying to update and raise your bathroom counters. You may have considered removing your existing vanity cabinets and purchasing new ones because of their height. However, this solution can be costly, especially if you are already remodeling other areas of your home. Typically, when a new vanity cabinet is installed, there’s not a functioning sink until after the countertops are in. This can be an inconvenience in homes with one bathroom.

Our K&D Countertops team believes that there is a simpler way around this problem. If you currently have existing cultured marble tops, it might be time to just replace those with Cambria countertops. K&D Countertops has 10 standard edge profiles to choose from, and three beautiful premium edges, including the drop-mitered edge.

Premium Edge

The drop-mitered edge, is the perfect way to raise the countertops on your existing vanity cabinets. A drop-mitered edge is created when the edges of two slabs, cut at a 45 degree angle, are joined to make a squared edge, similar to the miter cut on door casings/trim. The benefit of the drop-mitered edge is that it will make your top appear thicker, resulting in raised (back saver) countertops plus, you can avoid the expense of new vanity cabinets. You’ve probably seen drop-mitered edges on waterfall islands.

If you would like to view both our standard and premium edges, be sure to head over to our website: The standard edges are included with your new top, and the premium edges will cost a little extra. Once you have your beautiful new tops, you may want to read a few frequently asked questions about your new Cambria countertops: We hope you found this article helpful and will consider a Cambria countertop in a drop-mitered edge as the solution to avoid the expense and inconvenience of replacing the vanity cabinets in your home.