K&D Countertops Sponsors Racers

K&D Countertops is proud to sponsor nine race cars and two motor bikes that drive all over from as far as Farmer City, IL to Belleville, IL and everywhere in between. These racers travel all over to compete and are passionate, hardworking and determined to improve their skill and come out victorious. Every race offers a new challenge and opportunity to come out on top. Let’s take a look at all the cool race cars, dirt bikes, and the amazing group of drivers ranging from kids to adults.

Zander Kapp, 12 year-old son of owner David Kapp, has been driving since he was 5 years old. Zander handles these three quarter midgets at his hometrack I-70 QMA Speedway in Greenville, IL. He also travels around to other tracks and his team has become known as “those countertop people”. These cars will go an average of 35-40 mph.

Zander, who runs the 3 quarter midgets, also has this B-Mod that he has been practicing in and may soon make his debut in Brownstown. He plans to race in Farmer City, IL Belleville, IL Granite City, IL and Highland, IL as well.

Peyton & Mickey (ages 6 & 5) drive quarter midgets at the I-70 QMA Speedway in Greenville, IL. These cars will each average about 25 mph on the track.

Kyle (red uniform) runs motocross out of a track in Belleville, IL, along with his twin brother Kaleb (blue uniform).

Wade “The Kid” Wenthe (age 17) is in his 4th year driving this A-mod at his hometrack in Brownstown. He can also be seen many times at Farmer City, IL and Granite City, IL. Wade, formerly a Quarter Midget racer, has raced his way to the top and has made an appearance at the Dirt on Dirt in December show at the America Dome in St. Louis, MO. This has been his second year driving this car.

Wylee (age 14) moved up from Quarter Midget racing into this nice 600 Micro. His hometown track is Waynes County, near Mt. Vernon, IL.

Chad Sellers “The Racing Realtor” has had a long career and family history of racing. His hometown track is in Highland, IL. Last year this car made a debut at the Dirt on Dirt In December at the Dome in St. Louis. He was passing for 1st place in the A-mod division when a yellow flag came out and another car hit him. This resulted in a popped tire, which ruined any chances of re-entering the race.

However, this car got a nice centerfold close-up in the national racing magazine “Speedway Illustrated” showing the K&D name front and center!

Pictured: K&D Countertops Co-Owners David Kapp (left) and Troy Kapp (right) with driver, Chad Sellers (back right), and his race car.

We are proud to continue to sponsor a great group of racers, and wish them the best of luck as racing season continues!

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