Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Backsplashes aren’t a “one size fits all” answer to a kitchen remodel. They vary in material and color, ranging from minimalist white tile layouts to bold colorful patterns. They come is all different shapes and sizes to fit each individual’s needs. I love the feeling of creativity that comes along with picking out a backsplash. The backsplash can easily become the focal point in your kitchen. It is pretty to look at and helps protect your walls from liquids. It defines your style and your personality and will showcase your gorgeous kitchen. 

Take a look at a few backsplash remodels for inspiration for your next kitchen remodel. Our team has fabricated and installed all of the Cambria quartz countertops shown in each photo below! If you’re interested in checking out the countertops as well, be sure to head over to our website to view more photos of the quartz countertops!

Patterned Range Hood Accents

I love the idea of making a range hood stand out from the rest of the kitchen by adding a colorful design behind it. In both of these photos, the homeowners opted for a multi-colored fun pattern. The pattern is a creative way to accent the stainless steel range hoods and show them off. The small backsplash strip allows for a fun piece without making the whole space feel too busy or overwhelming. It’s the perfect pop of color and pattern to liven up each space while still keeping the overall style neutral toned. If you don’t want to add a backsplash to your entire kitchen, try creating an accent pattern on one wall in your kitchen or behind a range hood.

Featuring from left to right: Cambria Fieldstone & Swanbridge countertops

Multi Colored Mosaic Shapes

If you really want to mix and match your style, try incorporating different shapes and colors! The backsplash on the left is madeup of unique gray, white and brown hexagons. The colors within the hexagons look beautiful paired with the white cabintry, gold accent handles and posh quartz countertops. The backsplash on the right creates swift movement through it’s gray, white and black thin lines. This backsplash keeps your eyes moving around the piece, and then brings your attention back to the subtle thin veining in the countertops. These designs provide a great example of how you can add strong visual colors and quick movement while still maintaing a sense of balance and harmony. 

Featuring from left to right: Cambria Annicca & Ella countertops

Neutral Toned Tiles

Here’s a nice example of a few subtle backsplashes that blend in with their surroundings. The gray and white tiles blend in with the white cabinets and countertops as well as with the black stove top, microwave and faucet. The kitchen on the right looks warm and light. The white countertops seamlessly blend into the all white tile backsplash. The greenery adds a nice pop of color against the dark wood cabinets. Both of these backsplashes feature ceramic tile that adds a little bit of subtle contrast to each kitchen while still staying within each kitchen’s color schemes. The tile breaks up what would’ve been a plain old wall. These classic, clean cut backsplashes would fit in well with most neutral toned kitchens.

Featuring from left to right: Cambria Highgate & Weybourne countertops

Stand Out Pieces

These luxurious kitchens are sure to make heads turn in your home. Both of these kitchen are chic and elegant, from the recess lighting up above to the stunning cabinets and countertops. The star of the show is the backsplash that creates the focal point for the whole room. The modern kitchen on the left added a unique, darker toned square design right above the stove top as the center point. The ultra-luxurious kitchen on the right focused on thick, bold veining to create movement that flows from the quartz countertops up into the backsplash and beyond. The see through glass panels and gold cabinet handles look sophisticated. Each kitchen has a different color scheme but fits the same chic style with an emphasis on the backsplash.

Featuring from left to right: Cambria Fieldstone & Skara Brae countertops

I hope these photos have inspired you to think about what type of backsplash you’d like to choose for your own home. Your pre-exsisting floors, walls and decor will also play an important role in deciding which backsplash will best match your kitchen. Once you choose your tile and design, you’ll be on your way to a new, stylish kitchen in no time. It’s time to transform your kitchen into a beautiful new space. If you’d like to see even more backsplash ideas, we have a Pinterest board full of them! Check them out for even more inspiration, and happy designing!