New Cambria Designs

Cambria’s four new designs feature subtle greens, surprising teals, and high-contrast black and white. They deftly balance warm and cool tones, making them uniquely versatile and elegantly sophisticated.


White lightning-strikes dramatize a smooth black background. Stark and chic, this high-contrast design is powerfully modern and elegantly simple.

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Subtle emerald green veining on a warm white brings out the best in a variety of décors, introducing restrained color. Cooler white veins deftly add balance.

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Fine black crackling veins traverse a field of subtle, soft teal and swirling white. Radiant opalescent crystals suggest surprising depth within the greater feeling of smoothness.

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Dark teal diagonal veins on an arctic white expanse create a powerful sense of depth while delicate gold shimmer adds a playful, effervescent quality.

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