New Trend Alert: Full Height Backsplashes

As kitchens become more modern and trendy, homeowners are starting to leave behind tile backsplashes in favor of beautiful, full height backsplashes. There are many benefits to choosing a full height backsplash over outdated tile. If you’re thinking of making the switch, read on to hear about the benefits of switching to a full height backsplash for your kitchen.

No Grout Lines Makes for Easy Cleanup
A full height backsplash eliminates any grout lines that would appear in tile. Grease, dirt and bacteria often build up in grout lines, which results in more maintenance and cleaning. A full height quartz backsplash is nonporous, which results in a backsplash that is non absorbent of moisture, grease or other food particles that can contain bacteria. Cleanup is easy as well, all you need is warm water and a mild soap to clean your quartz backsplash and it’ll be good as new.

A Quick & Cost Efficient Installation Process
Choosing a full height backsplash means that you would only have one sub contractor on your job vs hiring K&D Countertops and a tile installer. Our team would be able to fabricate and install your countertops and quartz backsplash. It would be more convenient and cost efficient to choose K&D Countertops for your backsplash needs.

No Sealing Needed
Tile and grout needs to be resealed every few years, whereas quartz backsplashes and counters do not need sealing. Quartz countertops and backsplashes do not need sealing because of the lack of porosity. Liquids and stains are unable to seep into non-porous materials due to their built in seal.

Full height backsplashes have become a popular trend that is here to stay. There are many pros to choosing it over tile that would keep your kitchen looking clean and free of bacteria or grout. Full height backsplashes elevate your kitchen to the next level, making it look magazine worthy and high end. Here are a few photos that show off how elegant and cohesive a full height backsplash ties into the countertops and the whole kitchen.