Pair Your Countertop with Pantone’s Color of the Year

Pantone recently announced its 2023 Color of the Year: Viva Magenta. The company describes the shade as a “crimson red tone that presents a balance between warm and cool.” They highlight a color each year that reflects the current culture, and Pantone said Viva Magenta is a “hybrid” shade that’s symbolic of their existence in the physical and digital world. If your kitchen is looking for a fun, bright pop of color, consider adding magenta into your home! Here are a few countertop designs we offer that would perfectly pair with the new Color of the Year.

Berkshire Steel Sculpted

Softly textured steel veins—accompanied by delicate gray accents—jet across a warm, marbled white background, creating a tactile and modern appeal. Pantone’s Vivid Magenta would make for the perfect accent wall for this white countertop with thin gray veins. You could use that accent wall as a cute coffee nook or lounge area to read and enjoy breakfast.


White lightning-strikes dramatize a smooth black background. Stark and chic, this high-contrast design is powerfully modern and elegantly simple. Blackbrook and Pantone’s Vivid Magenta together create a dramatic room that would be great for parties and entertaining. The rich black paired with the bright magenta would be bold and make for a fun space in your home.

White Cliff

Pure and unsullied is the essence of White Cliff. Named after the chalky White Cliffs of Dover, this whitest of whites makes a statement of grand proportions. If you want Vivid Magenta to be the focal point of your room, try pairing it with a subtle white like White Cliff! White Cliff is pure white which allows it to take a back seat so your magenta backsplash or wall is front and center.

Pantone’s Vivid Magenta is starting the new year off with a bang! The color is bold, bright and makes a statement in any way it’s used. It’s that pop of color that gives a dull, neutral toned room a vibrant pop of color. Vivid Magenta is sure to stand out and catch your eye when you see it. If you’re looking for that fresh color to paint your room, give Pantone’s Vivid Magenta a try!