Popular Dark Quartz Countertops

Dark quartz countertops look bold and daring. They instantly become a statement piece in any kitchen or bathroom. Dark countertops, when balanced with light cabinetry and walls, become the main focus in any home. Cambria countertops are very unique and can take your home style to the next level. Although dark countertops may look intimidating, pairing the tops with light colored walls and cabinets helps offset the darker palette. We hope these dark toned tops will inspire you to switch up your color palette and try a new style in your own home.


Mersey is a deep, glassy black daubed throughout with white streaks that flash like lightning against a starless night sky.

I love the prominent white veins that drape across this glossy black countertop. Our marble collection showcases luxurious designs in a variety of styles and patterns. In this photo, the dark top is broken up nicely by the white brick walls and light hardwood flooring.

Blackpool Matte

Vast and commanding, this powerful design is darkest ebony with a stealthy silken Cambria Matte™ finish that absorbs light like a starless night over the Irish Sea.

Blackpool Matte looks smooth and sleek in this classy kitchen. The dark colored backsplash unifies itself with the countertop creating one cohesive piece. The white window and greenery break up the darkness by adding some warmth into the room. 


Dark and deep, much like the canal bordering this small village in England’s West Midlands region. Armitage’s blend of black and gray provides an easy, neutral canvas for rich hints of copper-orange to emerge from within.

Armitage is ideal for someone who wants a deep toned top, but with a few swirls of color mixed in to break it up. The other colors within Armitage are complimentary to copper toned fixtures and appliances. The colors also create depth and movement within this countertop.


Flecks of gold, cream and blue glisten across a shroud of black, much like this village that sits atop Scotland’s picturesque Clyde Valley, where two rivers converge below. Dramatic, yet classically neutral.

Blackwood features a black background with bits of color sprinkled in it. You can match the gold, cream and blue colors within the top with your kitchen decor. The sunny yellow walls and crisp white cabinets really brighten up this kitchen space. 



Muscular currents of gray, black, and white surge like tumbling river currents trying to break free from the determined grasp of rocky banks.

Levven has a striking display of thick waterfall-like veining running along the top and its edges. The black and light gray veining matches the black table and window frames. White walls and light gray flooring help to break up the dark composition.

These popular dark quartz countertops are a great stand out piece in any home. These unique designs are the essence of style and luxury. Choosing new countertops is a great first step to a complete kitchen remodel. Take a look at all of the quartz designs we have to offer on our website and Instagram. We are sure you’ll find a design that’s perfect for your space while fitting your style and budget.