Refresh Your Home with Quartz Countertops

Refresh your home this summer with stunning new quartz countertops! We’re excited to showcase 5 of our top picks for Cambria quartz designs that will elevate the look of your kitchen, bathroom, shower, and beyond. From light sand tones to deep blue veins and crisp white neutrals, these designs are sure to impress. Dive into these beautiful options and give your countertops a fresh new look for the summer!

Inverness Bristol Bay

Stormy-blue waves surge against the cool white backdrop of this striking design, cloaking its translucent gray colorways with soft ripples and pronounced spires of saturated cobalt, paired with delicate debossed Inverness™ veins, adding subtle texture.

Praa Sands

Subtle yet striking veining mimics rocky outcroppings along this pristine stretch of beach on England’s southernmost coast.


Like the fitful waters of a windy English bay, Seagrove recalls restless silver-capped waves rolling across a deep foamy sea with undercurrents of green lurking beneath the surface.


Beautifully bold and soothingly soft gray veins move organically across a cool, white canvas, embodying the raw beauty of rhythmic waves and coastal landscapes.

White Cliff

Pure and unsullied is the essence of White Cliff. Named after the chalky White Cliffs of Dover, this whitest of whites makes a statement of grand proportions.

Let these stunning Cambria quartz countertops wash away your worries and give your space a fresh new look. Check out these beautiful designs in full-size slabs and sample sizes at a showroom near you in Illinois or Missouri.