Remodeling Your Bathroom Hardware

Spring cleaning is the perfect time to declutter some old items and freshen up your space. It’s easier to remodel one room at a time rather than changing up several rooms at once. The bathroom is a great place to start, because it is used frequently from day to day. Read on to learn about hardware changes you can make to freshen up your bathroom.

Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

Firstly, start with the walls and add a fresh coat of paint. This step is a game changer. This simple change can really brighten up a room and breathe new life into your bathroom. A neutral shade of white or beige will never go out of style. You can always add light pink or blue as an accent wall for a fun pop of color.

Switch Out Your Bathroom Cabinets

Next, for a more dramatic change, you can always look into adding new cabinets. This year, the trend is white cabinets with sleek, black hardware. It’s out with the gold accents and in with the modern black thin handles. The hardware breaks up all the white to show off an elevated look to your cabinets.

Upgrade Your Countertops to Quartz

Additionally, consider changing your countertops to strong and durable quartz countertops. Cambria countertops are non porous, meaning they require no sealing or polishing. These maintenance free countertops come in a variety of designs, but my favorite neutral toned designs are Brittanicca, Colton, Sutherland, Ella, Swanbridge and Summerhill.

Change Your Sink & Faucet

Next, add a new sink and faucet! They will stand out and make a noticeable change in your remodel. The ever popular farmhouse sink is still very on trend, but I would also recommend a Revere quartz double bowl undermount sink due to the convenience of having two separate bowls for washing dishes. As for faucets, I would recommend the Casmir two handle widespread in black matte to match the sleek black look of the black cabinet hardware. Change your towel bar and towel ring as well for a complete remodel.

Add Stylish, Modern Bathroom Lights

Finally, don’t forget to change your lighting! Bathroom lighting can make the bathroom feel brand new. Lights that are surrounded by glass and have a black metal bar for support are very stylish and trendy this year. I love lights that are in a set of two or three to be placed above the mirror at the bathroom sink. The black sleek finish will make your bathroom look very posh and modern.

These hardware changes will make a significant difference in the way your bathroom looks. Your bathroom will look more modern and elevate your experience each time you step inside. Spring is a beautiful transitional period that will easily be reflected within your new bathroom remodel. Above all, we hope you found this article helpful and will pass on a few tips and tricks to others who are ready to remodel their space.