Sweet Easter Desserts

Easter desserts are some of my favorite holiday desserts to bake simply because of all of the bright colors that are used. A lot of these recipes feature fun colors and designs to make with your family. Kids will love helping make these colorful treats almost as much as they’ll love eating them! Take a look at some simple recipes to make this Easter that are sure to be a huge hit at the dinner table.

Carrot Cupcakes

This yummy cupcakes features a carrot surprise within every bite! This cupcakes uses two special tips to shape the carrot and the stem. I love how simple and festive this dessert is.

Easter Egg Sugar Cookies

All of the beautiful pastel colors come together to creates this adorable Easter egg sugar cookies! This would be a great dessert to make with your family. Children will love creating these fun colors while pipping on their own unique design onto each cookie. 

Mini Easter Egg Cookies

This colorful spin on a class cookie creates the perfect Easter treat! These tasty cookies are topped with colorful mini eggs and melt in your mouth. You can’t have just one when making this recipe!

Easter Cake Pops

If you want a little treat without going overboard, look no further than cake pops! This recipes calls for cake mix, melted down white chocolate and tons of pretty sprinkles! You can mix and match different sprinkles to create your own Easter inspired cake pops.

Easter Oreo Bark

This no bake Easter oreo bark is sure to be a hit! It’s made with white chocolate chips, oreos, pastel M&M’s and brightly colored sprinkles. It has everything in it to satisfy anyone with a sweet tooth. 

Bunny Chow

Adults and kids will love this addicting treat. You definitely can’t have just one handful of this sweet Bunny Chow. This is a nice light snack to chow down on after Easter dinner. It’s definitely a crowd favorite!

We hope you enjoy these tasty treats this Easter. This delicious recipes are quick to make and can be modified to bake for other holidays. We have other great recipes right here on our blog, so be sure to check them out!

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