Top 5 Countertop Edges

K&D Countertops offers a variety of standard and premium edges for our customers to choose from. You can view all of our edges here: Edge Profiles.Take a look at our top 5 favorite countertop edges that we offer. We are sure that you’ll find an edge that fits your personal tastes and matches your countertop style.

Pencil Round Edge

A pencil round edge gets its name from the edge’s radius which is about the width of a pencil. This look creates a stylish and smooth finish. This edge also has the added benefit of no sharp edges. The smooth surface comes in handy so you or your little ones won’t get hurt on the countertop’s edge.

Bevel Edge

A bevel edge is a 45 degree angle, creating a sleek and angled look. It is another popular edge among homeowners, especially those who are looking for a more contemporary countertop design. This is a stylish edge that adds some dimension and definition to your countertop.

Eased Edge

A favorite among homeowners, the eased edge is a simple square edge with softened corners. This edge is very versatile as it compliments both modern and contemporary designs. The square lines creates a more polished and clean design. The soft corners smooths out the edges which allows for the edges to flow and transition together naturally.

Triple Waterfall Edge

The triple waterfall edge creates the illusion of a thicker countertop. The three edges provide weight and thickness to the top. This edge is soft to the touch and easy to clean. The three combined edges add character and make this countertop stand apart from others. It’s a great edge if you want a elegant accent that shows off your beautiful quartz countertop.

Drop Miter Edge

A drop miter edge is created from two pieces that are brought together at a 45 degree angle. The mitered edge gives the countertop a thicker look and feel. This is a beautiful edge that starts at the top of the countertop and gracefully flows down the sides making the top appear as one cohesive unit. 

Those are some of our favorite edges! Which one was your favorite? To view all of our Cambria countertop designs, be sure to head over here: We hope you found the perfect edge to complement your countertop!