Top 5 White Cambria Quartz Countertop Designs

It’s no secret that white countertops are the latest trend that’s taking the kitchen and bath industries by storm. These trendy countertops are popping up all over Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms. White is the perfect color that effortlessly matches so many different kitchen and bathroom styles. If you’re wanting the top of the line, elegant quartz countertops, look no further than these Cambria quartz designs. I’ll be sharing some of our most popular white quartz countertops and what makes each design so elegant and unique.


“Grand and majestic in stature, Brittanicca calls to mind the great rivers that flow through the United Kingdom with the many villages and cities dotted along their banks under a canopy of soft-gray skies.”

Brittanicca is the #1 best selling design from Cambria. It’s beautiful neutral tones and elegant veining make it a popular choice among homeowners.


“Offering timeless allure, Colton is warm and creamy with rusty brownish-gray inscriptions and small white patches.”

Colton is a relatively new design and has risen in popularity very quickly. Colton’s thin lines break up the white top to add a little extra depth to this design.


“Combining true strength and delicate beauty, this intriguing design blends liquid honey accents with patchworks of grays, whites, and cream to beautifully merge warm and cool tones in delightful harmony.”

Ironsbridge offers a lot of variety due to its warm and cool tones fusing together to create this timeless top. This one is sure to blend right with your kitchen or bathroom.


“An instant classic, Torquay offers a beautiful marble-like appearance that’s both posh and continental, much like this English Riviera town itself.”

Torquay is a very popular choice due to it’s marble-like appearance. This top looks chic and modern, and is sure to make your space appear high-end and classy.

White Cliff

“Pure and unsullied is the essence of White Cliff. Named after the chalky White Cliffs of Dover, this whitest of whites makes a statement of grand proportions.”

If you want an all white countertop with no veining or marks, this is your go-to design. White Cliff is pure white, and full of simplicity and beauty.

Our team fabricates and installs Cambria quartz countertops (such as every design mentioned in this post!) all over Illinois and Missouri. If you see a design that sparks your interest, stop by one of our showrooms to take a sample size home with you. It helps tremendously to be able to see the design in your space before committing to it. Our experienced showroom sales team will give you the knowledge and tools you’ll need to choose your perfect quartz design and help you get started on your next remodel.

Honorable Mentions


“Subtle with flowing white-on-white tonality and warm cross veining, Delgatie’s quiet demeanor blends effortlessly with its surroundings while maintaining its own delightful personality.”

Delgatie shines with its playful veining that moves throughout this top. This top is sure to catch the eye of anyone who passes by it.


“Reminiscent of the pristine sands along the shores of the Isle of Wight, Newport is an elegant study of quiet grace and sophistication.”

Newport is a subtle, go with the flow top that fits right into any space. It is another classic white countertop that simply looks beautiful without making too much noise.


“Refined Smithfield is a specter of soft white with a hint of warmth and faint veins just under the surface of this dignified design.”

Smithfield adds peaks of interest through its small veins that find their way throughout this design. The veins add just enough dimension to break up the white and add a bit of contrast.