Top Kitchen Color Trends

This year kitchen colors are sticking to their roots by sprouting up with earthy tones all across the country. We’re seeing neutral tones ranging from sage greens to bright whites, sunny yellows, warm grays and bold blacks. These colors are fun and help bring the colors of the outdoors right into your kitchen. Read on as we break down each color and show examples of how you can use these popular colors in your home.

Soft Greens

Green kitchens are making a comeback! Sage green is an excellent choice in particular due to it being a lighter shade of green that won’t dominate your kitchen. Sage green cabinets pair well with white countertops to create a two toned, modern look. This muted green is earthly and adds just the right amount of color without feeling too powerful.

Bright Whites

White kitchens are here to stay! White countertops and cabinets work hand in hand to make a kitchen look more open and spacious without having to do any demo work. You can dress up a white countertop by choosing a top with thin or bold veining streaming across it. There are many shades of white ranging from cream to egg shell to ivory to pearl. The possibilities are endless.

Sunny Yellows

You can’t help but smile when you have a yellow kitchen! Yellow is a great accent color that would look wonderful as a backsplash. It’ll add some color without making the kitchen feel too overwhelming. You could also incorporate yellow into the cabinets underneath a kitchen island to really make the island the focal point. A pop of yellow will make your kitchen cheery and delightful.

Warm Grays

Add a little warmth to the kitchen by choosing a calming gray color. Gray is another wonderful neutral toned option that works well with several different kitchen styles. Gray also compliments metallic tones like copper, bronze, silver and gold. This means that your faucet, sink and door and cabinet knobs will pair nicely with this color. Gray is calming and peaceful, and tends to be a bit more forgiving for everyday wear and tear in the kitchen.

These earthy tones are gorgeous shades that will never go out of style. They pair nicely with each other and will leave your home looking warm and inviting. Fresh pops of colors really brighten up a space and help to transform it into a brand new kitchen. Add a few pops of color to your countertops, cabinets or backsplash and it’ll look like a kitchen straight out of a magazine. Check out these earthy tones next time you’re in the mood to remodel and you’ll love the way your kitchen turns out.

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